Max Hogan - Founder

My name’s Max Hogan and I started Closing Media in 2018 after working on the LinkedIn ads team for a handful of years.

After helping build, manage, and grow hundreds of B2B campaigns while at LinkedIn, I decided to start my own agency.

I work with a small group of freelance designers and ad strategists to make it all happen and we focus on doing one thing really well - creating high-performing and efficient LinkedIn campaigns that generate new opportunities for our clients.


August Noble - Partner

Hey there! I’m August Noble. I’ve worked with Max since 2015 when he was part of LinkedIn’s marketing team and I was an Inbound Marketing Manager, focused on growing a B2B startup.

Over my 3 years at the business we were able to use LinkedIn to generate thousands of high-quality leads and millions of dollars of revenue for the business. Eventually, we landed on Inc.’s fastest growing companies list for our 9,2000% growth in just 3 years.

I’ve seen first hand the impact that effective LinkedIn advertising can have on B2B businesses, and that’s why I’m excited to partner directly with clients that can see the same success.