Igniting a conversation with your audience through bold
Creative Design.

We love creating visuals and writing copy for your audience segments. Many of the opportunities and new customers we generate together will be introduced to your brand through creative. This is where it starts.

Trusted by some of the world's most innovative companies

Our Approach to ads

Over 10,000 Ads Variations & Counting

Ad creative designed and personalized for your audience segments

A typical scroll through LinkedIn reveals generic and impersonal creative. We like to do the opposite.

Intelligent testing between bold visuals and custom offers

Creative testing is a lot more fun (and effective) when variations are strategically different from each other.

Copy written to convert cold audiences into newly minted fans of your business

We craft every sentence with your end customer in mind. For many of them, these ads are an introduction to your business.

Let’s Find Out How We Can Help Your Business

We have a blast diving into creative with our clients. Working together to find or hone your voice & tone is just as important as the right targeting across social.

Creative Ads FAQs

Stay up-to-date with Closing Media or learn something new about the world of advertising.

How do contracts work with Closing Media?

All of our partnerships are built on month-to-month terms and have been since we launched in 2018. We do this for a few reasons - we're confident in our work and want you to feel flexible and not tied down to a long-term contract.

Do you offer video as part of your creative services?

Not yet, but we have plans to launch video (both real-life and animated) in H2 of 2023!

What type of companies do you work with?

We've been lucky to partner with b2b companies at most stages - from a recent Series A through IPO. We find that many of the foundational aspects of success on paid social & search still apply, regardless of funding round.

How many clients do you work with?

We keep a small client roster. We're a core team of two, with talented designers that support with creative. We've found our sweet spot to be fewer, more immersive engagements. That way, we can work with clients for 1-2+ years before transitioning off as their team grows.

What's your communication style?

Typically, we're chatting with clients most days via Slack. We also have standing calls either weekly or bi-weekly to review performance, chat strategy, and push on new projects. At a high level, we like to meet our clients where they're at - so we tailor our communication to fit their current team flow.